Sarah Palin in Hong Kong

Questions, potshots, and analysis from the blogosphere regarding Sarah Palin's upcoming trip

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Bloggers have reacted to news of Sarah Palin's trip to Hong Kong to speak before the CLSA Investors' Forum with surprise, delight, and sarcasm. The main questions being asked:

  1. Will this actually happen?
  2. What will she talk about?
  3. What is the CLSA Investors' Forum?

Since Sarah Palin is apparently known for having a somewhat hazy and changeable schedule, a slew of thoughts centered on whether the event will actually take place:

  • A Word of Caution, wrote Bruce Einhorn at BusinessWeek: "people counting on Palin to be their keynote speaker sometimes get stood up." But the CLSA spokesperson, he noted, confirmed the booking.
  • Don't Count on It  "September 23rd is the big day," snickered Juli Weiner at Wonkette, "which gives Meg Stapleton, Paltin's on-retainer human event horizon, until September 23rd (ish) to cancel."
  • Look to CLSA History  The blog GOP 12 pointed out that while Politico was reporting "no commitments" on Palin's part "so far [...] it's hard to believe a group that's hosted Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Alan Greenspan would intentionally lie on something like this."
  • Bet on It  AK Muckraker on the Alaskan politics blog The Mudflats asked office betters to "remember [...] when placing your wager [that] this is the first time she's actually being paid to speak, so that will considerably alter the normal 50-50 odds of her blowing it off and claiming that she never said yes."

What will she talk about? The blogosphere is full of snarky comments on this one. As Melissa Clouthier announced on Right Wing News, "let the gnashing of teeth begin":

  • Specifically, Juli Weiner continued to mock, "Palin is headed to Hong Kong for purposes of... saying things..."
  • Beats Me  "Her discussion on geo-politics," sniped AK Muckraker, "is sure to be fascinating considering her vast foreign policy experience and her extensive world travel."
  • 6 Things to Watch For  The Atlantic's Chris Good, more seriously, suggested that readers keep watch on a number of topics: (1) energy policy, (2) amount of foreign policy talk in the speech, (3) amount of national security talk in the speech, (4) the issue of China and human rights abuses, (5) mention of 2012, and (6) whether or not Palin chooses to criticize America "on foreign soil." Good wasn't entirely free of sarcasm, however. The bonus of the Hong Kong trip? "She'll be able to see Taiwan from her hotel room."

What is the CLSA Investors' Forum?

  • Should We Be Worried?  "Do these people," asked John Cole at the Balloon Juice blog,  "handle money and financial transactions?" Questioning their Palin investment, Cole added, "it would explain the Wall Street crash." AK Mudracker agreed: 
I’m no financial whiz, but I’ll share with you the first and only piece of advice about your investments that I may ever have. If your money is with these people, who decided to invest their money in paying Sarah Palin to fly to Hong Kong and speak about geo-politics? Get your money back NOW. All of it.
  • Seriously: A Group With a Fantastic Speaker List  The GOP 12 blog pointed to Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Alan Greenspan.

Ignorance, real or feigned, of the CLSA Investors' Forum makes for a great potshot platform. The acronym, however, stands for Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia.

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