Recess Watch: Town-Hall Confrontations For Kagen, Driehaus

It's August, and lawmakers are back in their home states talking to constituents. Liberals and conservatives alike will show up to town-hall meetings and other events to question their elected officials--sometimes loudly--about health care and the rest of Washington's business, as lawmakers make the case for their own agenda. When passions run high, debate can be spirited. We'll be watching.Two more Democratic congressmen faced testy exchanges about health care at town-halls this week: Reps. Steve Kagen of Green Bay, Wisconsin and Steve Driehaus of northwest Cincinnati. Health reform opponents cheered loudly at the Driehaus town-hall after a woman voiced her complaint. Kagen's event, held at a library, was more confrontational, as members of a 300-person crowd shouted at Kagen aggressively.

One man stood, pointing his finger at Kagen and yelling "Are you gonna vote for it !?" In local news footage, Kagen appears to remain calm through it; afterward he tells the reporter that "this conversation we're having with the people here is all about how we're gonna work together to improve our system."