Question Of The Day: Sarah Palin's Autograph + Xbox = $1.1 Million?

Would you pay $1.1 million for an Xbox autographed by Sarah Palin? That's what a guy from Alberta, Canada is asking on eBay. It's an Xbox 360, not the old kind. Someone may, in fact, have already bought it: Anchorage Daily News reports that the xBox got an anonymous bid from a user with only one "feedback" rating, and eBay has taken the auction down. No word from eBay on whether seller David Morrill received the money.

UPDATE 2: The auction is back on! According to eBay, the listing was removed by mistake; the item has since been re-posted, with the auction starting anew. The previous bidder (and everyone with $1.1 million) will have the chance to bid again.