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Is the President Overexposed?

Or is the press too obsessed with the question?

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For months, commentators have admired and attacked Obama's press team for being brilliant and calculating. Now both group have a 5,000-word piece to chew on by Jennifer Senior in New York Magazine. The main question: Is the president overexposed? "Ubiquity is not the same as overexposure," she writes. "He recognizes that, in the same way a blog can't survive on just one post a day, a presidency can no longer survive on one message per day or one press conference per year. Instead, you have to turn on a fire hose."

Earlier today, Gawker's well-known firehose of media blogging unleashed another take. Senior's piece is "a nauseatingly fawning tribute to the communications genius of our president and his advisers," The Cajun Boy wrote, rather than the take-down that they deserve. According to him, the Obama press team is "failing miserably right now, despite the fact that the economy seems to be rebounding. There's really no two ways about it."

What's worse, the Gawker writer said, is that Senior's story is "the type of stuff that right-wing talking heads will use as evidence that the press is in bed with the current president." Or could it be just another example of the calculating brilliance of Obama's machine?

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