Huckabee: I'm Not Like Pelosi

Mike Huckabee fired off some more missiles at President Obama's Israel policy today in a post to his PAC's website, posted from Israel as Huckabee is still there, highlighting Obama's policies and his own critiques of them. He basically calls Obama a hypocrite for telling AIPAC in 2007 that no American president should ever dictate terms to Israel and again, in another address to AIPAC in 2008, condemning new settlements but not foreshadowing his opposition to expansion of existing ones. What's most curious about Huckabee's post, though, is that he goes out of his way, for four of his opening paragraphs, to rebuff comparisons between his trip to Israel and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syrian in 2007, taken against the wishes of President Bush and viewed by many as a move to undermine the administration.

True, Huckabee is a private citizen, isn't meeting with government leaders, and has a right to an opinion on Obama's policies, but who exactly is comparing him to Pelosi? I looked, and could only find a post this morning on the liberal blog Firedoglake. I very well could be wrong, since there's a host of cable news punditry I miss out on daily--so please correct me--but unless I'm mistaken, criticism of Huckabee has been for his actual opinions, not for allegedly undermining the Obama administration or U.S. interests.