Florida: Obama's Worst State?

As President Obama's approval rating continues to slide down from its astronomical Inauguration Day zenith, Quinnipiac today identified Florida as the state where Obama polls the lowest of any that Quinnipiac surveys: his approval there has dropped from 58 percent approve/35 percent disapprove in June to 47 percent approve/48 percent disapprove today. Polls fluctuate naturally sometimes, so it could be an aberration (it's a pretty big drop), or the August town halls and skepticism over health care could have done it. Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio are running a GOP primary there, and perhaps that contest has exfoliated some conservative sentiment among Floridians. Then again, how bad can 47 be? It's only two points lower than what Rasmussen (which polls Obama notoriously on the low side of average) puts him at nationally.