Comparing Obama and Bush

The top ten differences and a few noteworthy similarities.

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Juan Cole has compiled a list of the ten key differences between Obama and Bush. Here are the first five:

1. Has no plans to invade any new oil countries.
2. Knows who president of Pakistan is
3. Knows how to safely consume pretzels
4. Does not take orders from his veep
5. Not on vacation 40% of time

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Comparing the current president to the previous is nothing new. But what do they have in common? Digby noted that both claimed the U.S. doesn't torture while continuing comparable interrogation programs. Jonah Goldberg agued that they both defied polls in sticking to sometime unpopular agendas. Mike Lux wrote that both had "rocky" first terms but could rely on a "passionate base" securing the second. Perhaps most notably, the Afghanistan War has been a priority for both presidents, to the delight of some pundits and the consternation of others.

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