$1.2 Million To Attack "Government Run Health Care"

It's not just tea parties and town-hall rowdiness that conservatives are putting up against health care reform: DC-based economic conservative group The Club For Growth will spend $1.2 million on a TV ad campaign attacking "government run health care" in a handful of targeted states this week, the group announced today.

Ads will air in Nevada, Colorado, Arkansas, and North Dakota, targeting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), plus moderate Democratic Sens. Michael Bennett (CO), Mark Udall (CO), Blanche Lincoln (AR), Mark Pryor (AR), Byron Dorgan (ND), and Kent Conrad (ND) (who is involved in Senate Finance Committee negotiations with Republicans and who supports a co-op plan that wouldn't include public insurance, but rather member-owned co-op insurance groups), as well as a handful of representatives.

The Club's ad uses a popular theme among reform opponents--that the government will inject itself into health care decisions at the end of a person's life...that bureaucrats will, effectively, decide to kill the terminally ill. It's a talking point Democrats have hit back at furiously and derided as false.