The Day In Politics, 7/30

Today, we learned that Mohammed Jawad will be released from Guantanamo; the results of the racial profiling study President Obama called for as a state legislator can be difficult to interpret; people have a lot to say about the beer at the Obama/Gates/Crowley meeting today; and conservatives have big plans for August recess when it comes to health care.

We also mulled Obama's return to earth; whether government policy can help obesity; children as an imperative for doing so; whether Obama is miffed at insinuations that he's anti-business; whether liberals will cave on health care; and some alternative theories for Obama's poll slippage.

Tomorrow: the House considers a bill to give shareholders an advisory vote on executive compensation; the House Energy and Commerce Committee continues its markup of health care legislation; and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee holds a hearing on stimulus progress.