Obligatory Sarah Palin Resignation Post

290 palin nowehere.png

Jeez, the number of theories grows by the hour! Who dares pick now? If there really is an indictment in the offing, I fear that breathless speculation won't nudge it along any faster.

But what I do find genuinely intriguing is what the Palin diehards have been saying. You have, for example, the good people of Conservatives 4 Palin comparing the Alaska governor's resignation to Julius Caesar. And you have Bill Kristol speculating that her gamble could turn out to be quite shrewd. This strikes me as sociologically interesting. If her resignation -- which was a really a halting ramblefest -- doesn't shake the faith, what will?

Picture: somewhere, for sure, from WIkimedia Commons. And for more there is always Palin's Twitter feed.