Detainee And Interrogation Policy Reviews Delayed

The administration said today that its two Guantanamo Bay policy task forces, one on interrogations and the other on long-term detention policy, had asked for extensions. Briefing reporters tonight, officials said that 50 Guantanamo detainees had been transferred to foreign countries since the beginning of the administration.  The detention policy review task force released a fairly anodyne preliminary report on the criteria by which all remaining un-statused Guantanamo prisoners would be referred to for prosecution. Preliminary Report - Detention Policy Task Force - July 20, 2009.pdf  Pointedly, it leaves open other avenues, such as (and it doesn't explicitly say this) indefinite detention without trial.
Tab A. - Preliminary Report - Detention Policy Task Force - July 20, 2009.pdf   Newsweek's Michael Isikoff reports that members of the detention poliy task force have been unable to agree on key issues, such as whether indefinite detention remains an option for battlefield detainees captured in the future.