Democrats To Raise Money On Twitter

The new tech wave in politics is now going a step further: Democrats are raising money directly on Twitter.

Through a new program launched by ActBlue, an online fundraising group launched in 2004 that channels online donations to Democratic candidates, Democratic supporters can make donations by tweeting the amount and the candidate or party committee they want to give it to.

Donors with ActBlue accounts can tweet their donations in the following format: "donate $amount @candidate via @actblue"...and the money will go to the candidate or committee of one's choosing (assuming that candidate has registered through ActBlue. The Democratic National Committee, for instance, already has one).

It may not raise tons of money for Democrats, but it fits with the Obama-era model of raise money in low dollar amounts on the Internet and striving hard to engage tech-savvy voters online. It also turns Internet giving into a mobile entterprise. Lots of people tweet from their phones and blackberries--something, presumably, supporters with ActBlue accounts might find themselves doing from rallies.