Black Men, White Cops And Media Mind Readers

So a Harvard professor who reportedly played the "you don't know who you're messing with" card to a cop got an unscheduled ride downtown. Boo hoo hoo. Maybe he learned something. Or would. If he'd get over himself, which appears unlikely. Anyway, when the police come to your door, always step outside. It puts everybody more at ease.

Also, be a regular Joe. They don't know how many awards you've won, and, frankly, they don't care. Silly misunderstandings are their favorite kind of domestic call. So just answer their questions and they'll go away. Furthermore, people get arrested in their homes every day. It's usually the easiest place to find them. If you've no experience of the law enforcement world, watch a few episodes of "COPS." (Programming note: It's not on PBS.)