I pretty much envision this being a normal blog. I have enjoyed writing for the business channel, but I'm now working full time for the Brookings Institution and can't produce five posts a day for Atlantic Business without developing a guilty conscience and becoming a burden on the magazine's full time employees. On the other hand, freed from the tyrannical controls of the business channel, this blog will probably creep more in the direction of public policy and politics and many other things about which I am totally unqualified to write.

Unless I die or am traveling, I will try to put something up on this page every day. Probably several things. This is partly because I have no life, but mostly it's because I genuinely enjoy blogging and don't see why I should stop because it happens to be a Sunday.

One final thought: I really like getting knocked around by commenters and hope that continues. By far the most rewarding thing about blogging for the Atlantic has been the quality of the comments and the opportunity to interact with the people who leave them. I like being told when I'm wrong. So, if you've been in the habit of telling me how wrong I am over at Atlantic Business, I hope you continue to do the same here.

Thanks for reading.