"I have a feeling this Froomkin firing turns into one of those "best thing that ever happened to me" stories." [Editor's note: Dan Froomkin's column is no more.]

@GregMitch: "Andrew Sullivan on Froomkin fired: Astounding. One blogger who kept WaPo real. Stance on torture a reason? Blogosphere should revolt."

@cqpolitics "Poll Tracker: Virginia Governor: McDonnell, Deeds In Dead Heat http://tinyurl.com/krlnon "

@pam_spaulding :... is Tweeting: The Words The President (& Others) Won't Speak: "Transgender" & "Gender Identity And Ex.. http://tinyurl.com/luxruu"

@markosm "RT @briefingroom: Gillibrand comes out against Don't Ask Don't Tell: http://tinyurl.com/nnbqz5"

I, @marcambinder, follow more than 1,000 twitterers a day so you don't have to. A digest of some of the more useful, or interesting, tweets:


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