: (@glenngreenwald): "Jane Mayer: Obama adviser John Brennan "wasn't just neutral;he was a supporter of using coercive interrogation techniques." http://tr.im/oA47

Salena Zito (@salenazito) "Obama deploying activists 2 spend summer vaca selling Obama care 2 u http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/blogs/fortyfourthestate/ "

HeyTammyBruce (@heytammybruce) Caroline Glick on Obama's "slavish devotion to his ideological canon that claims that no enemy is unappeasable" http://is.gd/12IuC

PlanetRomney: @PlanetRomney "#tcot Evangelicals for Mitt: INTERESTING PREDICTION: Mike Potemra over on the Corner, thinks Gov. Romney wi.. http://bit.ly/TD4mi
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