I've been following the coverage of the Iranian elections all day on Twitter; that'll continue tomorrow. I've got links to some of the best Iranian-based sources, and to the courageous American journalists, like Bill Keller and Jim Scuitto, who are finding ways to break through the Iranian coverage ban. I'm @marcambinder.  Sign up -- you won't get spammed, and you will get unfiltered insight. Also: Andrew has been blogging up a storm all day. Read every post.

Questions for the next week include: did the American media stand down? (I say no, but lots of other people say yes.)  What are Khamenei's intentions? How foreseeable was the plan to rig elections? Is it AT ALL possible that Ahmadinejad actually won by, say, 51%, but that his totals were inflated? Is the outpouring of protest (Green Revolution) more of an important development than the "re-election."?

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