1. Secretary of state HRC says Obama passed the 3:00 am call test; notes that the prior administration accounted for the natural growth of settlement in an "oral" agreement, which isn't something the Obama administration signs on to; not worried that pressure on Israel with bring down the Israeli government.

2. Chief adviser David Axelrod says Obama will publicly promote / campaign for a public plan option as part of his health care reform advocacy this summer. 

3. the  news breaks that the White House will re-add North Korea to its list of states that sponsor terrorism;.

4.  Ex-Speaker/2012 proto-candidate Newt Gingrich calls Sotomayor not racist, but said she said something racist, or "racialist."

5. White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee, on Fox News Sunday, proves that defending the administration's intervention in GM is not going to be easy 

Sunday's must read: The New York Times magazine's Matt Bai on Obama's congressional strategy. 

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