The Sunday Shows In Five Sentences Or Less

1. Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu denies any rift with the Obama administration over Iran; says  reaction to his Palestinian state proposal was across-the-board magnificent; denies that his own status as PM will be challenged if he seeks peace with the Palestianians. Guests on several shows agreed that Obama has moved to convince the American people, the Iranian revolutionaries and the world that he is not completely neutral on the Iranian election.

2. Sen. Lindsey Graham reiterated his opposition to a "public plan" option included as part of health care reform but said that Sen. Kent Conrad's "co-op" idea might be the right way to go. Sen. Chris Dodd pronounced himself "delighted to hear that."

3. Sen. John McCain said that the administration would provide more details about its military commissions plan soon and hinted that part of those plans involved a "special court" in Washington, D.C.  He said that Pres. Obama didn't have to choose between intervening in an election and speaking out on  behalf of justice; he called for Obama's language to more closely mirror that of the President of Germany's and the PM of Britain's.

4. The guests on many shows agreed that the new UN sanctions against North Korea were, as ex-Sen. Sam Sunn said, "toothless."  The U.S. should be prepared to board ships regardless if the captain gives them permission, says Sen. McCain.

5. Chuck Todd says that the White House is frustrated that they're not getting credit for changing the dynamics of the Middle East (especially Iran) through the Cairo speech.