Marc's Three More Clicks: Franken V. Coleman, CIA Tech, Etc.

Sometimes, six clicks aren't enough. Be sure to check out:

Rick Hasen liveblogging the Minnesota Supreme Court for oral arguments in Franken V. Coleman.

Robert J. Samuelson's argument on The Obama Infatuation. In essense: the country is too preoccupied with Obama's historicity and personal charm to apply the level of skepticism that is necessary for a functioning democracy. His culprit: the media.

A Guardian story about the CIA using electronic targeting chips to attack Al Q and Taliban forces in Pakistan. They're giving the chips to friendly tribesman and asking them to  plant them near Al Qaeda safehouses. Problem: sometimes, the tribesman are planting them at the homes of enemy tribesmen.  Folks there fear that the "parthai" are invitations for CIA drones....