Cairo Reactions: Conservatives Go Past 'Apology' Meme

Some conservatives like President Obama's speech in Cairo--some didn't. But, while conservatives on the web had many things to say about the speech, many of them quite critical, the theme of accusing Obama of an "apology tour" seems to have dissipated in favor more more pointed, specific critiques.

The most popular criticism this morning is that the speech was dishonest and Obama revised history to promote a naive worldview. Here are some sample reactions from conservatives:

Hot Air's Ed Morrissey called the speech "surprisingly good," suggesting it doesn't set Obama apart from recent presidents. The audience was probably surprised by the depth of Obama's defense of Israel, Morrissey says.

Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch calls the speech a "flourish of naive Rodney-Kingism," and writes that only Muslims are supposed to offer the greeting assalaamu alaykum, which Obama offered today, to one another.

Max Boot says it was good, but accuses Obama of forming many false equivocations between the U.S. and the Muslim world and bending history to do so.'s Hugh Hewitt calls the speech dishonest and accuses Obama of betraying Israel.

At The Corner, Kathryn Jean Lopez sees it as opportunistic and Andy McCarthy dredges up the story about Black Panthers in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008, and the new DoJ's dismissal of the case against them.

Michelle Malkin continues with the apology meme and accuses Obama of obfuscation and naivete.

RedState's Erick Erickson criticizes Obama for not offering solutions.