What to Remember on Memorial Day

First, like Dick Cheney, I had other priorities during the Vietnam War.  So, when Memorial Day rolls around, I'm extra careful  to remember certain facts about those in our military service.  Like our government's eagerness to send them into the Iraq War without the armor, on their vehicles and their bodies, to protect them.  Or like the ability of their command structure to ignore the eerie similarity in their "individual abuses" at Abu Ghraib to the legally sanctioned behavior by interrogators at Guantanamo, and to punish only those at or below the rank of sergeant for those activities.   Major General Jeffrey Miller, who was sent from Cuba to Iraq to "Gitmoize" Abu Ghraib, is doing just fine now.

When I was a kid, RJR Tobacco used to brag about sending free cartons of Camels to our troops overseas.  Support takes many forms.
If our troops ever figure out just what these kinds of support really mean, anybody without a basement better tie a yellow ribbon to their butt and kiss it farewell..