Romney At NRA

Mitt Romney gave a speech at the NRA's annual convention today in Phoenix, promoting personal freedom and accusing President Obama of attempting "the greatest federal power-grab in American history" through his budget.

Romney has debatably been the most visible of all the top-tier GOP figures (other than Michael Steele, and with Rep. Eric Cantor up there as well) so far this year, taking a prominent role in Cantor's National Council for a New America as he attended its first meeting along with Jeb Bush. Much of his speech at the NRA focused on national security--accusing President Obama of being a bit too soft and highlighting America's global competitors and enemies.

Aside from explicitly stating his support for unabated Second-Amendment rights, Romney's thesis of personal-freedom-as-key-to-American-success clearly resonated with NRA ideals. Here's how he ended it: "When we stay true to our principles, and state them forthrightly and fearlessly, they will command a majority in this country--and the freedoms we cherish will always be secure."