Richard Posner's New Atlantic Blog on the Economy

I'm very pleased that Richard Posner is now blogging for the Atlantic. I've worked with Judge Posner in the past and became instantly envious of his ability to churn out top-notch prose at the drop of a hat. That apparent pathology for writing is actually what led to this blog: as Judge Posner says in his first post, he filed the manuscript of his new book about the financial crisis and then realized he had much more to say. A slice:

My book A Failure of Criticism: The Crisis of '08 and the Descent into Depression was completed on February 2 of this year. That was the day I sent the edited manuscript back to the publisher (Harvard University Press) to be put into page proofs. After February 2, I could not make any substantive changes. Of course February 2 was not the end of the economic crisis, or of the government's response, or of my education in depression economics; and so my intention (announced in the book's preface) was and is to update the book by means of this blog, weekly (but more frequently at first), and to invite and respond to readers' comments, until the crisis is over or (more likely) I run out of things to say.

The rest is here.