McCain Nudges Obama On North Korea

If not for Sonia Sotomayor, the political elite would be debating North Korea.  Here, in an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg, Sen. John McCain weighs in:

What has North Korea done since Obama came to office? And we were going to have a new dialogue with them. God Almighty! You know? Two journalists are now in prison. They announced they're reprocessing, proceeding with the fissile material. They were threatening or did shut down that town that the South Koreans funded for them. I mean, I think reality's going to hit the Obama Administration.

Fighting old battles, yes.... but a preview of what Obama will hear from Republicans and provocative, none the less. Note that the country had not conducted its nuclear test when McCain spoke.

Speaking of interviews and Jeffrey Goldberg.... Fareed Zakaria, what gives?...