Looking for SCOTUS Clues In Obama's Schedule

Robert Gibbs began his daily briefing with a tee-hee, "announcing" that the President would reveal his Supreme Court nominee at 6:30 am ET tomorrow. Ha. In all seriousness, the President will be at Camp David through the weekend, returning to the White House on Monday. He'll lay a wearth at the Tomb of the Unknowns Soldiers in Virginia, and then he'll chopper back to Camp David for an extra night. On Tuesday, the President has unspecified meetings at the White House and spends the evening in Las Vegas at a fundraiser for Sen. Harry Reid.  After an economic event on Wednesday, Obama's wheels up for Los Angeles, where he'll attend a DNC fundraiser. No other public events schedule. On Thursday, he meets with Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmud Abbas.  "At this point," Gibbs said, Friday will consist of meetings at the White House. So... I'm thinking.... Friday, at the earliest.