The Specter Of Bad Puns

We all couldn't help ourselves.

WaPo - The Specter of Political Change.

NYTimes blog - The Specter of Republican marginalization.

OpEdNews - The Specter of Things.

FrontPage Mag - The Specter of Sabotage.

Milbank - So Much for the Specter of a Flu Pandemic (that's two for WaPo)!

Salon - The Specter of a shrinking GOP

OpEdNews (again) - The Specter of Hope, as the GOP Implodes.

National Journal - WOTT: The Specter Of Change.

TPM - The Specter That Haunts the Dems

The Daily Advertiser - The Specter of 60: Pennsylvania senator switches parties

And me!  --  Behind The Headlines: Specter Of A New Political Landscape.