Tedisco Concedes.... And Other Fancy Stuff

Since this is supposed to be a political blog, I suppose I should pass along the news that Republican Jim Tedisco has conceded the race in New York's 20th congressional district to Democrat Scott Murphy. Tedisco had been behind by several hundred votes with little chance of catching up.

Also: George Stephanopoulos reports that the Chinese detainees -- the Uighurs -- may be released into Northern Virginia... that doesn't sound right... sounds like they have no dignity... they might be released from custody in Northern Virginia. The White House had no comment.

General Dynamics isn't having a very good day. Seems that Barack Obama is abandoning their secure-to-SECRET level personal communication device in favor of a specially crafted Blackberry, courtesy of NSA engineers.

The White House continues the care and feeding of the union segment of its base. They've appointed American Rights at Work president Mary Beth Maxwell to be a senior adviser at the Department of Labor.  Curious, labor is. I've reported several times that the White House isn't formally pushing for EFCA... upon reading such reports, labor leaders call the White House, which denies them...Ambinder's only a blogger, don't believe 'em.  Well, whatever. The White House does not think -- does not want -- the Senate to spend much time on EFCA this year, because they don't think it will pass. They are worried about the feelings of labor -- and health care's not going to be a peach either -- and so they're going to be doing things that make labor happy, like appointing their people to high posts.  EFCA will come. Not this year, though.