Next Week: Obama Previews 2nd 100 Days

Though the White House press team has reluctantly come to grips with the coming media orgy of 100-day retrospectives -- they're apt to snort at reporters who ask about the time frame -- President Obama plans to lay out his agenda for the second 100 days next week.  In a series of speeches and events, he'll call on Congress to fill in the details of his health care and energy plans, and signal that he plans to use the might of the White House to sell the country on the wisdom of a cap-and-trade emissions credit system. (Note: he'll do this by focusing on the "green jobs" component; as in -- the price of the carbon permits will be translated into the number of potential new jobs that'll be created."   He'll also call on Congress to pass his comprehensive plan to re-regulate the financial industry and consolidate the executive branch's power. Where the public and the press tends to chop up the presidency into 100 day increments, Obama's White House graviates to longer-term planning; borrowing on the advice they recieved during the transition, policy and communications planners think in six month increments. So in many ways, for the Obama team, the second 100 days will be as much of a press creation as the first 100 days.