Nabors: Glad To Have A GOP Alternative

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Deputy Director Rob Nabors roundly blasted the House GOP's new detailed budget proposal this afternoon as dishonest, unrealistic, and frivolous on several fronts, but when a reporter asked, on a conference call, whether he's glad to have a GOP alternative to hold up in contrast to the administratin's budget blueprint, Nabors acknowledged that he is:

I am. I mean, I don't think there is a better example of the differences between where the president is and the new direction he's trying to set and the failed policies of the past. You have it directly in front of you...these details don't look a lot different from the details that we saw from the previous administration.

Some of the more scathing critiques Nabors voiced on the conference call were that House Republicans are "not being honest and straightforward about the types of costs that are included, the lack of transparency about how they are actually going to pay for some off these tax cuts that they talk about, and the fundamentally wrong decisions they are making about some of the investments that need to be made in this country today" and that the GOP budget "punts" tough spending choices "simply to hit a bottom line" for public relations purposes.