It All Ads Up

From the Hotline's Nora McAlvanah:

With Obama's first 100 day-mark approaching, a bevy of liberal groups are hitting the airwaves to promote the presidents agenda, particularly as it relates to the environment.

As part of a coordinated effort to urge members of Congress to pass Obama's energy plan, is releasing a national ad today supporting his clean jobs bill. The ad kicks off a joint campaign with groups like SEIU, League of Conservation Voters and the Center for American Progress to urge members to vote "for a strong, clean energy jobs bill." Local ads like this one will be popping up in districts in the coming days.

Meanwhile, AFSCME and Americans United for Change will go up with an ad tomorrow, hitting the GOP for being the "Party of NO" at every opportunity during Obama's tenure so far. The mid five-figure ad buy is set to run nationally on MSNBC and DC cable (FOX, CNN, MSNBC) thru April 29th