Back On Twitter And Other Housekeeping Notes

Atlantic Politics is back on Twitter after a snobbish hiatus. Admittedly, the thought of trying to come up with cute, 140-word sentences to try and describe some important feature of our politics was daunting. Sullivan guilted me out of it. Plus, no one cares whether my lunch date, a White House aide, decided to go to Newton, IA instead.  Still, as someone who's been Twittering for more than a year, I kind of missed the dynamism of the medium. From now on, all blog posts will be send directly to the Twitter feed, here, and I'll update it throughout the day with original content.

I'll be updating my blogroll: please send suggestions here. Looking for good national security / intelligence writers in particular.

Rule number 63 of online journalism: never let your readers know they're in for a redesign. But we're not the Pulitzer-Prize-finalist-for-cartooning POLITICO. So -- readers: soon, this site will be redesigned. It'll be much easier to read, the blog posts will be more prominent, there'll be at least five posts above the fold, and our Zeitgeist gadget will be updated, too. If there's a metric you'd like to see us follow, please send your suggestions here.