2nd 100 Days Watch: Budget Discipline, National Service

The White House isn't talking much about its communication themes for the Second One Hundred Days, but here are some hints:

(1) Budget discipline. The $100 million gimmick yesterday was, yes, a gimmick, but also meant to be the first of several such gimmicks, tricks, gadgets plays the White House will try. Expect Obama to regularly highlight ways in which his government is saving money...expect more small-bore cuts and pronouncements....expect running tallies about money saved...expect meetings with his tax reform and entitlement reform commissions.

(2) National service. The first 100 days was about giving things to the American people. Today, Obama signs into law a bill that would treble the size of Americorps. Watch for Obama to begin to incorporate a theme of national service, or one's duty to one's country, when he talks about his political and policy priorities, like education, the environment and health care.