Special Olympics Bowler: Obama Couldn't Beat Me

Kolan McConiughey, a Special Olympics bowler from Ann Arbor Michigan who has reportedly bowled three perfect 300 games, says he could take President Obama on the lanes. "He's cool, but he can't beat me," McConiughey told TMZ, saying he'd love to go to the White House and bowl against the president at the White House bowling alley.

We could be in luck: Obama suggested hosting Special Olympics athletes at the White House when he called to Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver yesterday to apologize for his bowling joke on The Tonight Show, according to Shriver: "He...said he was ready to have some of our athletes over to the White House to bowl or play basketball or help him improve his score," Shriver said. The White House wouldn't say whether a bowling showdown with McConiughey is in the cards, but the Michigan native could, no doubt, help Obama improve on round of 129 he claimed to have bowled during the Leno interview.