Progressive groups have pressured Republican lawmakers to support President Obama's economic agenda since he first announced his stimulus intentions before the new year; now the pressure is on Blue Dog Democrats.

Liberal activist group USAction will air TV ads pressuring four Blue Dog Democrats on the House Budget Committee to support President Obama's budget, the group announced today. It also started robocalls targeting the members last week. The members are Reps. Marion Berry (AK), Allen Boyd (FL), Charlie Melancon (LA), and Chet Edwards (TX).

The ads will be the first to target Democrats from either of the major progressive coalitions formed since November--one aimed at passing Obama's stimulus and another aimed at passing his budget (the latter, the Campaign to Rebuild and Renew America Now! is comprised of 92 liberal groups and unions).

Why are they doing this? Blue Dogs pushed back against the stimulus and supported the Senate's efforts to strip some spending. Looks like they'll factor into coalition lobbying efforts this time around.

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