A regular feature wherein symbolic outrages, contrived outrages, real outrages, and outrageous outrages are recounted. Below, a Sunday edition.

Conservative Jewish leaders are OUTRAGED that Hillary Clinton warned Israel to speed up humanitarian aid to Gaza.

England is OUTRAGED that former Royal Bank of Scotland CEO Fred Goodwin will be receiving a $933,000 pension.

Everyone else is OUTRAGED at the Octomom.

Germans are OUTRAGED at the economy--enough to burn nice cars.

Colorado Democrats were allegedly OUTRAGED at Republican state Sen. Dave Schultheis for saying he would vote against a bill requiring HIV tests for pregnant women because the disease "stems from sexual promiscuity." If they weren't actually OUTRAGED, liberal bloggers certainly were.

Gay Oscar viewers in Asia were OUTRAGED that a pan-Asian satellite TV network redacted the words "gay" and "lesbian" from Oscar acceptance speeches. Which is pretty outrageous.

Lou Dobbs is mildly OUTRAGED that Obama has signed an executive order encouraging the use of union contractors & workers on large federal construction projects.

A group of African American ministers in Illinois was OUTRAGED at public attacks on Sen. Roland Burris, but now they may be OUTRAGED at the senator for his scandals.

Sarah Palin documentarian John Ziegler was OUTRAGED at Matt Lauer for being "the A-Rod of the media," while recounting his OUTRAGE at the media as a whole for its campaign coverage.

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