Obama To Host E-Townhall Meeting Thursday

The outreach continues: President Obama will answer questions in an online townhall meeting on Thursday. The White House web site is taking questions right now -- they're "Open for Questions," as a matter of fact.  You can submit questions and vote up or down about whether they should be included. And lest you want to ask about whistleblower protections, the session will be limited to the economy.  Here is boilerplate, Obama-style.

This experiment is about encouraging transparency and accountability, so ask the President exactly what it is you want to know - but let others do the same.  It is a community-moderated system, but remember that even though you may not like the viewpoint behind someone's question, everyone has a right to their opinion.  Also remember that Americans of all ages will be participating in this event, so be thoughtful about the words you choose.  Participants are asked to follow some basic guidelines for submitting their own questions and flagging other questions as inappropriate.