Obama Relatively Free of AIG Worries

A poll from Gallup today suggested that, when it comes to AIG backlash, President Obama's hands are relatively clean. A majority of Americans were satisfied with Obama's handling of the AIG bonuses (54% to 39%), according to Gallup, while Treasury Sec. Timothy Geithner and Congress didn't fare as well: 28% were satisfied with Geithner's response (vs. 54% who were satisfied), and 26% said they were satisfied with Congress's response (vs. 65% who said they were dissatisfied).

Perhaps this has something to do with the ultimate decision never reaching Obama's desk. A House proposal took the hard line, looking to tax the bonuses into oblivion. The Senate didn't weigh in to the idea decisively before the poll was taken. And New York Attorney Andrew Cuomo, out front on the issue from the start, persuaded most of the executives to return the money, exempting Obama from action.