So says the Annenberg Fact Check brigade. There are some serious allegations of misfactitude in here, including one involving a reporter's question. The two biggies: Obama got a boast about non-defense discretionary spending wrong, and incorrectly stated that his budget's growth forecast comported with the consensus forecast by the Blue Chip's economists.  On the former, I don't know. On the latter, Obama was referring to the projection by the Blue Chip economists in February, which matched up relatively well with Obama's OMB guestimate: the economy would grow by between 2.4% and 2.6 percent in 2010.  In March, the Blue Chip folks revised down their projections; Obama hasn't.  The point of this is that Obama's assumptions are rosier today than the Blue Chip estimate, the CBO projections and the projections of leading private forecasters.  

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