Nicaragua Asks for a U.S. Bailout

The Miami Herald reports that Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega wants an economic bailout for Central America from the U.S.:

Ortega said that the solution for Central America needs to come in the form of a U.S. bailout plan, similar to the ones being given to U.S. banking, financial services and other industrial sectors.

''We are part of the crisis and we are part of (CAFTA-DR), so it is their obligation to give resources to the region,'' Ortega said.

Ortega then ordered his deputy foreign minister Manuel Coronel Kauz to present the idea of the bailout to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden during next week's regional meeting in Costa Rica, which the Nicaraguan president said won't be attending [sic].

Given the insertion of a "Buy American" provision in the stimulus, and opposition from the left to expanded free trade (e.g. the proposed Colombia agreement--although that case is more complicated), this would be a tough sell in Congress.

H/T The Corner