I've added a correction to the post on Vicki Iseman below: the NY Times never reported that former McCain adviser John Weaver felt there was a romantic link between Iseman and Sen. McCain. Full correction note below the jump.

Correction: the NY Times did not report that John Weaver felt there was a romantic link between Iseman and Sen. McCain--simply that Weaver met with her after concerns were raised about her presence in the campaign, relating to the campaign's message of taking on special interests.

Separately, a top McCain aide met with Ms. Iseman at Union Station in Washington to ask her to stay away from the senator. John Weaver, a former top strategist and now an informal campaign adviser, said in an e-mail message that he arranged the meeting after "a discussion among the campaign leadership" about her.

"Our political messaging during that time period centered around taking on the special interests and placing the nation's interests before either personal or special interest," Mr. Weaver continued. "Ms. Iseman's involvement in the campaign, it was felt by us, could undermine that effort."

Mr. Weaver added that the brief conversation was only about "her conduct and what she allegedly had told people, which made its way back to us." He declined to elaborate.

From the NY Times story, as originally published:

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