Chrysler is Doomed

This is the damning-with-faint-praise conclusion of Chrysler's "Determination of Viability Summary" (a phrase sure to make Antonin Scalia wince):

While the Company has made meaningful changes to its cost structure in the last few years, the combination of a fundamentally disadvantaged operating structure and a limited set of desirable products make standalone viability for the business highly challenging. As a result, the President's Designee has found that Chrysler's plan is not viable as currently structured. However, to the extent Chrysler can develop a partner who would improve Chrysler's scale, bolster its product development, and allow it to enter the small car market with a robust set of products, Chrysler has some prospects for long term viability. 

The administration is cheerleading for a partnership with Fiat, but the fact that Chrysler has "some prospects" for long-term viability if it achieves four unrealized goals doesn't fill me with confidence that Chrysler will be around for long. Indeed, the company has just 30 days and $6 billion to sort this out.

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gm-chrysler fact-sheet.pdf