I thought Charles Fried had a great suggestion in the Room for Debate discussion of the AIG contracts:

[Questions about the AIG contracts] cannot be answered without seeing the actual contracts that are being invoked. And even then, there are questions about whether the performance of these individuals matched the performance set out in the contracts. As we all own 80 percent of the company, we ought to be able to see the text of these contracts. They should be posted on our company's -- that is, A.I.G.'s -- Web site. Then we can discuss whether the recipients of that money really earned it.

Why not? Presumably posting some generic copy of an AIG contract would not entail revealing the recipients of these contracts. And, according to New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, we have the contracts. Says his letter to Barney Frank: "We have also now obtained the contracts under which AIG decided to make these payments." Why not release one?

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