'Budget-ish': DNC Uses Urban Dictionary to Hit GOP

While the Republican National Committee announced its new media guru last week, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is using Urban Dictionary--the online dictionary for slang--to advance the party's budget agenda.

In the latest prong of a multi-pronged effort to hammer Republicans on their opposition to President Obama's budget proposal, the DNC has entered a new term in Urban Dictionary to describe the House GOP's 19-page budget blueprint: "budget-ish"--"of or resembling a budget. Lacks specificity such as numbers and/or ideas."--their point being that the GOP proposal wasn't much of a proposal at all.

The definition has received 57 thumbs up and three thumbs down so far, per the site's rating system. (Urban Dictionary accepts submissions from any reader and allows other readers to rate each entry.) The DNC says it has not encouraged supporters or staff to rate the new term. Full definition below: