Annals Of Secrecy: Jordan

So this is an unclassified (but restricted distribution) PDF obtained by Wikileaks.  It's interesting; it contains the full NATO-approved narrative of the current conflict in Afghanistan. What's more interesting is that it includes Jordan as being among the countries that are part of the international forces in Afghanistan, but it also includes the notice that Jordan doesn't want its name in the public domain, fearing the internal repercussions. (See pp.29)

Jordan has tried to keep the extent of its role in various US operations a secret -- not from the world, which knows, but from Jordanian citizens. even though its bases have been used extensively for staging and support missions, its intelligence agency cooperates with the CIA, thousands of U.S. troops are sheltered in the country and it participates in our rendition program. (You don't want to get on the other side of the Mukhabarat!)

Even though authoritative sources have included Jordan as among the countries aiding the United States and NATO, the U.S. government still officially classifies Jordan's participation as a secret.

The idea is that even though the name might be out there, it's never been formally confirmed by the US or an official source.

Well, now the NATO document confirms it.

In the new era of transparency, maybe our government can advise Jordan about how to handle the inevitability that its role will be disclosed.