More than just another politics blog, Atlantic Politics features content from Atlantic contributors along with reader comments, best-of-the-web picks, a fresh design, photography, a daily barometer measuring the nation's top political and financial indicators, and more. Curated by Marc Ambinder, the Atlantic's award-winning political reporter, the Politics Channel aims to deliver both original reporting and "breaking analysis" to put the political news of the day in context.

We'll be covering the administration, Obama's Washington, the Congress, the Republican Party's rebuilding efforts, the epochal Keynes v. Hayek clash of philosophy, and American political culture. The buzzword here is "breaking analysis" -- the first smart take on the issue of the day. Our analysis will derive not from partisan position or political ideology but from our reporting, our experience, and our sensibility.

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We'll be making adjustments in the next few weeks, and it will take us those few weeks to get up to speed. We welcome your suggestions.