StimPack Politics: More Ads

A very excited Brad Woodhouse of Americans United e-mailed to say that group member AFSCME is airing new ads on national cable and on spot markets in DC that take a play from GOP Whip Eric Cantor's advice to Republicans to just say no on the stimulus bill.  The tagline of the spots: "No is not an option." Says Woodhouse: "We also have radio spots going up targeting 21 House and Senate members titled "Second Chance" which reminds voters that the target in question voted against the Obama plan and since then it was announced that nearly 600,000 jobs were lost in January - 20k a day - and that they will have a second chance to do the right thing and support the bill."  All the ads will air beginning Wednesday and last through Friday, at least. My Foghorn Leghorn Voice, I say I say I say I say again -- where's the other party's outside ads? Why aren't Republican donors paying for anti-stimulus ads?