Obama Wants "Buy American" Out Of Stimulus Bill

That's what I'm reading in the transcript of the President's interview with ABC News' Charles Gibson tonight.  Obama also concedes that the appearance of a double standard for his nominees is a valid complaint, and he says he takes full responsibility for it.

 Here's the "Buy American" portion of the deal:

CHARLES GIBSON: A couple of quick questions. There are "Buy America" provisions in this bill. A lot of people think that could set up a trade war, cost American jobs. You want them out?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I want provisions that are going to be a violation of World Trade Organization agreements or in other ways signal protectionism. I think that would be a mistake right now. That is a potential source of trade wars that we can't afford at a time when trade is sinking all across the globe.

CHARLES GIBSON: What's in there now? Do you think that does that? Do you want it out?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I think we need to make sure that any provisions that are in there are not going to trigger a trade war.