2012: Huntsman Travels to South Carolina

It is _so_ not too early, and besides, it's probably more efficient this way. Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr., of Utah will take a side trip from his National Governors Association meeting in Washington next week. He's going to South Carolina, where the state's kingmaking attorney general, Henry McMaster, will introduce him to a bevy of state chairs and activists. The news was first reported by the Deseret News.  McMaster's participation is interesting; he was an early endorser of Sen. John McCain's. A spokesman for McMaster tells me that his sherparing duties aren't meant to indicate any endorsement. "Governor Huntsman and Attorney General McMaster have some mutual political friends from the McCain campaign and the Reagan administration and the governor is hosting a fundraiser for General McMaster in Salt Lake in March," said Trey Walker.  "McMaster is hosting a dinner in SC for him to introduce him to some supporters and friends while he is on the east coast."