"OUTRAGE"s Of The Week

Outrage is the corn-based ethanol that fuels political action in Washington. Today, we're inaugurating a recurring feature: a list of the outrages, genuine and contrived, of the week. Missed an outrage? E-mail us.

1. The mayor of Las Vegas is OUTRAGED that Barack Obama dared to... say something about Las Vegas.

2. Democrats are OUTRAGED that Eric Cantor's office forwarded to the press a satirical video that included...horrors...naughty words. 

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3. Media Matters for America is OUTRAGED that Fox News used Republican talking points.

4. Everyone is OUTRAGED at A-Rod.

5. Glenn Greenwald is OUTRAGED at me.

6. Republicans are OUTRAGED at being excluded from the stimulus package conference.

7. Republicans remain OUTRAGED that Obama nominated a pro-labor Democrat to be his Secretary of Labor.

8. There's OUTRAGE over FEMA's response to ice storms in Kentucky.

9. The press finds California's budget crisis an OUTRAGE.

10. The U.S. is OUTRAGED that a Pakistani court released A.Q. Khan.

11. MoveOn is OUTRAGED that Sen. John Cornyn missed a vote on the stimulus package.

12. Republicans are OUTRAGED that Democrats refuse to acknowledge Rep. Charles Rangel's ethics issue.

13.  Democrats are OUTRAGED that retroactive executive compensation limits were taken out of the stimulus bill.

14. House Democrats were OUTRAGED that the Senate tried to announce a "compromise," twice, before one was ready.

15. John McCain, my friends, is OUTRAGED at all the "pork" in the bill.

16. Everyone seems OUTRAGED that President Obama got to choose which reporters he wanted to call on at his press conference.